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Hiring Dental Employees

Hiring Dental Employees

9pointsThe following tips on hiring dental employees for your practice is critical to all aspects of its success. And it’s important to match a candidate’s characteristics and personality traits with the right role and set of responsibilities. When you do so, you can build a dental team that can work efficiently and effectively together. Your staff members will complement one another and you’ll have the right mix of talent that you can trust.


Here are 9 points to guide your efforts when hiring staff members for your dental team:


  1. Know which skills and character traits you need to produce the results you desire in the dental practice.


  2. Use targeted key words in your employment ads that stress the qualities you seek. Targeted key words attract more qualified and suitable applicants. For instance; use the word “detailed” rather than “people person” when you are looking for soemone to fill the role of financial coordiantor. But use the description “people person” to find someone who will fit nicely in the reception or front desk area.


  3. Screen applicants properly over the phone and conduct reference checks prior to bringing them in for an interview.


  4. Have the applicant complete a personality profile to determine if they are suitable for the prospective role.


  5. Have the applicant complete an employment application, to observe handwriting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation abilities.


  6. Observe the candidate’s personal appearance during the interview to determine if they are professional, dressed appropriately and well groomed.


  7. Observe the candidates’ body language to determine if they appear confident (yet not arrogant).


  8. Determine who will decide if applicant possesses the skill set necessary for the position. The same person, for example the Dental Manager, should have the final hiring decision so that skill sets and personalities complement each other.


  9. Look for applicants that are coachable and correctable. These traits enable employees to improve and advance beyond the skills they possess today. That will help the practice evolve.


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