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The testimonials we have received over the years have come from Dental Associations, Dentists and their spouses,  Dental Team Members and Newbies to the dental field.

*I am an office manager for two offices. I thought that I pretty much knew how to run one office effectively, but when we bought our second practice it came with a staff that did things so differently than the team I had trained. I wanted to take a course to help me focus back on the essentials and how to pull both teams together. I received so much information from the Warschaw Learning Institute. They go over in detail how to handle everything from how to talk to insurance representatives, billing, payroll, how to present yourself so that people will listen, how to get your team involved and how to communicate effectively with your employer. I have been an office manager for 10 years and have been to numerous trainings. I have never experienced the knowledge and training that was given to me in such a positive and powerful way. The courses were very easy to understand and the instructors were very personable. The forum is great and being able to interact with others and read their responses on how to handle different situations was a great help to me. I still have access to the forum at no extra charge to me. I felt like the instructors and Cathy were my friends and that they truly cared that I got everything that was available to me from these courses. This experience gave me back my confidence, my focus and the ability to put two very different teams together and on the same page. I honestly believe that if you are looking for direction these courses are worth it. I paid for this out of my own pocket and do not regret the money I spent or the time I gave to it. It made me not only a better office manager, but a better person. T. Beasley (Louisiana)

*Great insurance course, I appreciated it. ~ Dr. Brandon White (Oregon)

*My name is Dawn and I am brand new to the dental office world. I am in a position where I will be entering into the dental management field and need to learn EVERYTHING.  I searched the Internet multiple times looking for online courses to meet my scheduling needs and to educate me with what I felt I would need in order to work in a dental practice.  Warschaw Learning Institute popped up in my search and after doing research I signed up for the courses.  These courses have provided me with everything I could possibly hope for and more. No questions were left unanswered.  The instructors were available to me daily for guidance and answered questions as needed.  The material that was covered far exceeded any expectations I had.  I feel I am as prepared as I can be short of hands on experience.  This has been a wonderful online schooling experience and I would strongly recommend these courses to anyone.  I think it would be beneficial in all dental practices to make sure their front office staff have taken these courses. ~ Dawn P. (California)

*I did my research on about a half a dozen online courses like this.  Most of them I knew from the beginning were not what I was looking for.  I was down to 3 to decide on.  One place was horrible about getting back to me.  That worried me.  The other place I felt was not covering very much.  Cathy Warschaw was the last person I called. Much to my delight within a few minutes after leaving a message I received a call from Cathy.  I was feeling pretty discouraged by this point.  Not only did Cathy thoroughly explain the Dental Office Management Program, she also patiently listened to my concerns I got from these other institutes.  I just did not think there was a place I could get what I wanted online or anywhere at that point.  She never bad mouthed the other places nor did she do the whole “We are so much better than any of them.”  I really respected her professionalism immediately.  After she explained their course and answered ALL of my questions, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.  The relief almost brought me to tears.  I don’t know why I called the Warschaw Learning Institute last. There was no reason. But now I truly believe in the saying, “Save the best for last.” I could not be more grateful.  I’m looking forward to taking the Dental Insurance for the Financial Coordinator course and for what the future brings after that. Thank you all. ~ Mary C. (Nevada)

*What a productive experience taking the Dental Office Management Program has been! The course is packed with useful information. I would like to thank Cathy and her team at the Warschaw Learning Institute for all of your assistance. I have taken many courses throughout my lifetime; however, I have never before found an institute of learning that treats its students with such care and respect. Finally a place where students are more than a number – and the amount of tuition paid. I truly can say that I feel empowered to acquire a position in a dental practice, knowing that I have gained the knowledge and insight that is required to not only perform the work – but to execute it well. Thank you. ~ Larry B. (Canada)

*After years of working in the Oral & Maxillofacia Surgery setting I have finally found courses that gave me better insight, knowledge and training that could be put to use immediately.  The Dental Office Management Program was everything it stated it would be and more.  Our practice had 3 of our supervisors taking it so we would all be on the same page.  We all learned so much more than we expected about all areas of management and now have a better understanding of each of our roles.  I now see how to be a better manager, motivator and trainer for our staff as well as how to bring our team together.  We will definitely continue to watch for more training available through the Warschaw Learning Institute and have already recommended to several other offices we work with.  Thanks to all the staff for taking the time and effort to create a program that is so user friendly and full of knowledge that can be used not only for our professional work setting but everyday life. ~ Nancy Y. (Texas)

*I had my reservations coming into the Dental Office Management Program. Could it be current enough and really help me?  Afterall I have had the opportunity to work for some lovely, progressive dentists over the last 35 years who most believed in continuing education/seminars for motivating our staff and keeping us current. I knew I had retained the basic skills from all of these years and my managerial skills were still adequate; however an injury on the job five years ago has kept me out of Dentistry.  Now I will try to reenter the field and need my confidence boosted and to find out what I have missed as far as HIPAA and insurance changes.  I was so pleased soon into your combination of courses to see not only how informative but how sophisticated your information was.  Finally, someone of the caliber I am used to!!!  The downloads of letters and forms will be so helpful in a new situation for me.  Thanks Cathy and all the instructors.~ Brenda S. (California)

*The Dental Office Management Program gave me more knowledge in management. It gave me more confidence and I would surely recommend this course to my colleagues. Thanks. ~ Sonia C. (Philippines)

*Warschaw Learning Institute has helped turn my practice completely around. What I didn’t learn from dental school, I am finally learning now through Warschaw. It is the most comprehensive online management courses available today. What I like best about the courses is the convenience of learning at home at your own pace. Being able to use the forum and ask questions even after you have completed the courses is so helpful. These courses are definitely a must if you want your practice to grow.~ Mai Ky DDS (California)

*These dental management courses are an excellent training tool for existing and newfront office staff members. Dental schools do not offer these topics in their curriculum. As dentists we can learn a great deal from these courses. I enjoyed them very much and plan on promoting them to my dental colleagues. Thank you.~ Lilia Larin DDS, Vice President, American Association of Women Dentists and President Elect, San Diego Academy of General Dentistry (California)

*Great classes, fantastic instructors. Cant wait to finish all of my courses. I love that I can immediately apply what I have learned. ~ Dana F. (New York)

*I absolutely enjoyed the Dental Insurance for the Dental Insurance for the Financial Coordinator course. Format was perfect and easy to read. Information was direct and not boring. I would absolutely recommend this course to my peers and employer. Overall, I learned more about insurance in one day than the past 3 months! ~ Elizabeth M. (California)

*Being in the field for so long I realized so many changes have happened. This program is a tool for anyone billing or doing case presentations. ~ Diana C. (California)

*I have enjoyed all the courses that I have taken through Warschaw Learning Institute. They have been educational and easy to complete within my time restraints. The instructors are knowledgeable and use real life experiences for their students to understand the subject. I would recommend Warschaw to anyone interested in learning more about how a dental office should operate. ~ Dr. Clint Pitt (Oklahoma)

Great course. As a dental assistant, you learn very little about dental insurance. I learned how to submit and follow up on claims, how to speak to and what to ask of insurance companies, and the importance of proper coding. Very informative course! ~ Kim B. (Nevada)

*Collections has been a problem with our dental office. Taking the Dental Collections Course allowed me to gain inputs on how to deal with collections and gave me more confidence on how to properly handle patients who owe the dental office. I also would like to thank my instructor, Cathy, for the opportunity to meet her in person. It was a wonderful meeting. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and valuable inputs. ~ Rose G. (California)

*The Collection Course was an excellent course! ~ Dr. Steven James (California)

*I feel more confident in my communication skills after taking the Influencial Communication Skills course. ~ Sheryl A. (Colorado)