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Practice Management from A to Z Vol 1

Practice Management from A to Z, Vol. 1

A to Z Book Cover

Author: Steve Cartin; Foreword: Linda Miles. From more than a decade of coaching hundreds of dental practice owners and dental teams, this book was developed to condense the everyday issues of dentistry into common sense, easy-to-implement systems for every area of the practice. Chapter topics in Vol. 1 (from A to M) include: Automatic Data Backups, Balance in Life, Confirming Appointments, Dental Assistants, Employing Staff, Financial Arrangements, Goal-based Scheduling, Hygiene Growth, Initial New Patient Phone Call, Job Performance, Knowledge Base, Leading Your Team and Morning Meetings. The contents of this book have been presented to local, regional, national and international dental audiences with resounding success. In her foreword of the book, Linda Miles writes, “In reviewing this book, I am impressed by the thorough-ness of the content. From Leadership to Risk Management (backups), to life balance and daily practice management essentials. These include confirming appointments, scheduling, telephone techniques, team meetings and financial arrangements. It’s all there (From A to Z)…This book is considered the “practice management bible!” This is a guide that you will refer back to many times over in the course of a year. In the easy to follow format of being alphabetized, you can quickly review the part that you are looking for. Do yourself a favor and keep it handy. Make notes in the margins; highlight the parts that apply most to your areas of weakness. Don’t loan the book to a dentist friend….you may forget who has it. Instead, share a copy as a gift to your friends. If you’re a study club organizer, invest in a copy for each of your study club members. Team and practice development is as easy as 1-2-3 – just follow the A, B, C’s of this book.”

This book may be purchased separately or is provided as reference material for participants enrolled in the CE version of Dental Office Management Program or Advanced Dental Office Management Program.