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HIPAA Course

HIPAA Course

HIPAA laws were passed to protect your patients’ valuable privacy. You might think that HIPAA guidelines do not apply to your dental practice because you do not transmit data electronically. If you fax a single piece of paper to an insurance company, your actions now fall under HIPAA regulations.​Every aspect of your practice and your dealings with your patients’ needs to be examined to ensure that along every step of the way, the patients’ information is protected. All your staff needs to be trained in the proper methods. Once you think you’ve learned everything you need to, the government will add more HIPAA laws.This course is authored by nationally recognized HIPAA experts and reviewed by a well-known healthcare law firm.

This comprehensive HIPAA course meets all the current HIPAA requirements for training. This 5-hour self-paced course is easy to understand. Presented in a way to improve your comprehension, you may access and bookmark your place in the course to continue at a later time. Review questions and complete your quizzes all online. At the end of your course you are provided a certificate of completion.

Who Should Take This Course? EVERYONE!

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Course Objectives

    • Explain how HIPAA will impact your office
    • Define the covered entities that must comply with HIPAA
    • List the penalties imposed for non-compliance
    • Describe the standards required for use with electronic transactions
    • Identify the code sets that must be used under HIPAA
    • Describe the different types of identifiers that are used under HIPAA
    • Outline key privacy requirements
    • Describe the security requirements


Grading Policy
Overall assessment for this course is based on quizzes, exercises and the final test.

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Course Modules

Module 1: HIPAA Overview

  • ​Transaction Standards

  • Code Set Standards

  • Identification Standards

Module 2: HIPAA Privacy Regulations

  • Legislative and compliance timeline

  • Privacy guidance

  • State laws and regulations

  • Access to Protected Health Information

  • Accounting of Disclosures

  • Administrative Requirements

  • Amendments to Protected Health Information

  • Authorization for Use and Disclosure

  • Business Associate Contracts

  • Consent for Payment, Treatment and Healthcare

  • Marketing Communications Requirements

  • Notices of Privacy Practices

  • Right to Request Privacy Protections

Module 3: HIPAA Security

  • Who is Responsible

  • When is it Required

  • Secure Printing and Faxing

  • Wireless Devices

  • Access Management (system controls and passwords)

  • Reporting Security Incidents

  • Notification Requirements

  • Proper Handling of Storage Devices

  • Auditing

Module 4: HIPAA Privacy Scenarios

  • Privacy Practices

  • Code Sets

  • Access to Information

  • Accounting of Disclosures

  • Valid Authorizations

  • Disclosure to Family

Module 5: HIPAA Security Scenarios

  • Reporting Security Incidents

  • Electronic Media

  • Physical Security

  • Mobile Devices

  • Computer Passwords