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Excelling as a Highly Effective Healthcare Team Member Manual

Excelling as a Highly Effective Healthcare Team Member Manual


Warschaw Learning Institute is pleased to share this manual with you.  This e-book will be provided to each individual registering for one of our online courses.  If you prefer to purchase it on its own you may do so as well.

We will discuss aspects that medical and dental staff of all roles can implement in order to become an indispensable team member to their practices.  Whether you are a practice manager, supervisor, provider or technician, each employee has the potential to impact his or her entire office on a large scale.  As you learn how to make yourself indispensable in your office, you will grow your personal skills in a manner that empowers you to take on roles and challenges of all sorts, making you a key team member in your place of employment.  Be prepared to take personal responsibility of your work role, performance and results, as well as the influence you have on others around you.  Being able to work well under pressure and adapt to change are key ingredients in an employee others will want to work with and look up to.

“Great book every dental office should have one!” ~ Patricia A. (2013 Graduate)


After completing the study of this manual, you should be able to:

  • Control your responsibilities and results

  • Initialize performance that is above and beyond your job role

  • Increase your personal influence in your surroundings

  • Perform well under added pressure

  • Adapt to changing work situations

  • Become an employee that other people want to work with

  • Influence others to improve their performance

  • Identify factors that affect your motivation

  • Apply key skills that model community, influence and openness

  • Match your leadership style to meet perferences of other in the practice

  • Find inhibitors that foster group commitment

  • Encourage others in your group to take initiative

  • Establish an environment of ownership and accountability

  • Determine strategies that will help you deal with negative outside pressures

“I’m just getting into the manual and the first section looks excellent. It is easy to ready, esthetically pleasing and provides simple, thought-provoking material.” ~ Sherry R. (2014 Graduate)