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Diversity Awareness for the Healthcare Professional Manual

Diversity Awareness for the Healthcare Professional Manual


Diversity Awareness for the Healthcare Professional is a manual which will assist office managers, as well as their staff, to become more diversified in their professional environment. This is a self-directed workbook that will guide employees in developing their own appropriate ideas, modeling techniques, meaningfulness, and active application in regard to diversity in their professional environment and everyday lives.  After completion of this workbook, healthcare professionals should feel more confident and proactive in the way they approach and encourage diversity in their facilities.


After studying this manual, your knowledge should increase so that you have the ability to:

  • Describe how diversity impacts you in the field of dental and medical care

  • Identify areas of common ground in diverse situations that may arise in your practice

  • Identify techniques that allow for effective communication in situations of diversity among staff and patients

  • Describe strategies for managing diverse situational issues

  • Develop a diversity action plan for your office and job role

  • List examples of primary and secondary dimensions of diversity

  • Describe trends of diversity changes in the modern healthcare workplace

  • Explain how diversity affects the business where you work

  • Identify barriers and ways to enable diversity in your practice

  • Give examples for strategies in building bridges across differences between yourself and others

  • Identify strategies to handle sensitive situations associated with diversity

  • Explain how to transform from a conflict situation to collaboration

  • Chapter 1: Learning about Diversity as it Affects the Healthcare Field

  • Chapter 2: Understanding Yourself and Your Healthcare Practice

  • Chapter 3: Diffusing Stereo-types in Healthcare

  • Chapter 4: Managing Diversity Issues in Your Practice Included in this manual
    are exercises for the office manager and your team.