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Dental Management

Dental Office Management Program

This basic, self-paced, online course, was designed to provide each student with a learning experience that is both enjoyable and personable.  Learn everything you need from the moment you enter the office until you leave at the end of the day.Students taking this course consist of dentists, spouses, front office and management staff, hygienists, dental assistants, military spouses and those interested in changing their careers.You should consider this course if you are:

  • In the dental field and have never been trained.  This is a way for you to confirm that you are performing your tasks properly.
  • A dentist interested in learning the responsibilities your staff are required to know.
  • A dental assistant or hygienist interested in cross-training.
  • New to the dental field.

If you are new to the dental field you should consider Combination #5.  This is a robust combination of courses that will provide you all the knowledge you need to know for working in the front office of a dental practice.
We do not teach any of the dental management software programs. Training is provided from the dental management software company.

All course material is provided online.  Questions may be asked from our instructors via email, telephone, or our forum.
This self-paced 40-hour course needs to be completed in 8-weeks.  If you require further time on the course, an additional fee will be required.

Continuous support will be provided to each of our students after the completion of their course, at no additional fee.
Please take the time to review the course modules below, or let us help you in making the right decision by calling 888.822.0917 or email our us at

“I’m new to the dental field and this course has helped me understand all the duties and responsibilities of an office manager.” ~ M. Quintana (2014 Graduate)

maryMary Lambourne, lives in Arizona and is the instructor for this course. She initially trained as an orthodontic assistant and within time advanced in her career as office manager for her husband’s dental practice. Mary has been the instructor of this course since 2003 and believes in order to have a productive dental office it is essential that the staff be trained properly.

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Course Objectives

    • Develop communication and organizational skills
    • Learn what it means to be a problem solver and a motivational team player
    • Provide maximum information in the minimum amount of time
    • Enhance your employability
    • Develop your critical thinking abilities


Grading Policy
Overall assessment for this course is based on quizzes, exercises and the final test.

Our refund and cancellation policies: Once you have been provided access to an online course, there are no refunds.
If you feel that another course is more suitable and you have not begun your course of study we will be pleased to
accommodate you.

Course Modules


Module 1: Introduction


Module 2: Goals, Performance and Attitude

  • Your Goals

  • Policies and Management Philosophy

Module 3: Privacy Guidelines and What is Allowed

  • Fraud

  • Retain Patient Records

  • Business and Human Resource Records

  • Release of Patient

Module 4: Clinical Considerations

  • Terminology

  • Anatomy

  • Tooth Numbering Systems

  • Tooth Surfaces

  • Charting

  • Specialists

  • Treatment Planning

Module 5: Records

  • Clinical Records

  • Progress Notes

  • Maintaining Records

  • Filing Methods

  • Types of Records

  • Filing Supplies

  • Safeguarding Records

  • Retention of Records

  • Transferring Records

Module 6: Communication

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • When Patients Challenge YOU

  • Nonverbal verses Verbal

  • Improving Communication

  • Delivering Information

  • Listening to Your Patients

  • Problem Solving Techniques

  • Providing Outstanding Customer Service

  • Communication Skills

  • Communication with Patients

  • Patient Arriving on the Wrong Day

  • Handling Angry Patients

Module 7: Correspondence

  • Secretarial Skills

  • Writing a Letter

  • Stationery

  • Types of Coorespondence

  • Mail

Module 8: Telephone Etiquette

  • Telephone Techniques

  • Telephone Communication

  • Telephone Etiquette

  • Telephone Etiquette for a New Patient

Module 9: Your Responsibility and Daily Tasks

  • Morning Meetings/Huddles

  • Appointment Schedules

  • Follow-up Calls

  • Patient Charts at End of Treatment

  • Next Day’s Schedule and Confirmation

  • Daily Schedule Check List

  • Slow Period Check List

Module 10: Working as a Team and Types of Dentists


Module 11: Appointment Control and Scheduling

  • Production Goals

  • Appointment Book

  • Special Scheduling

  • Problem Solving

  • Confirmation Calls

  • Appointment Scheduling Tips

Module 12: Recall Systems

  • Types of Recall

  • How to Recall Patients

Module 13: Forms

  • New Patient Information Check List

  • Financial Policy

  • Emergency Retention Letter

  • No Show Letter

Module 14: Referrals


Module 15: Payments and Treatment Acceptance

  • Debriefing

  • Financial Plan

  • Patient Payments

  • Scripts

  • Payment Options

  • Collection Letter

  • Checking Accounts

  • Patient Follow Through

  • Handling Non-committal

  • Statements

Module 16: Financial Arrangements


Module 17: Accounts Receivable

  • Method of Accounting

  • Internal Controls

  • Adjustments

  • Daily Deposits

  • Audit Trail

  • Monthly Statements

  • Aging Report

  • Debt Collection

  • Collection Calls

  • Letters

  • Return Check

  • Non-sufficient Funds

  • Credit Bureau

  • Reporting

  • Overdue

  • Collection

  • Small Claims Court

Module 18: Accounts Payable

  • Overhead

  • Writing Checks

  • Reconciling a Bank Statement

  • Petty Cash

  • Payroll and Deductions

  • Retaining Records

Module 19: Inventory Control


Module 20: Dress Code


Module 21: Resume and Interview


Module 22: Managing with a Purpose

  • Mission and Vision Statements

  • How to Create a Vision Statement

  • How to Write a Mission Statement

  • Core Values

  • Job Description

  • Job Writing

  • Legal and Fair Interviews

  • The Interview

  • Interview Questions

  • Candidate Evaluation Form

  • The New Team Member

  • Orientation

  • Orientation Checklist

  • Agreement

  • Empowering Team Members

  • Building a Team with Purpose

  • The WOW Effect

  • Role Playing

  • Ethical Concerns

“My husband is a dentist and last month I decided to help him in his practice. I also registered for Warschaw Learning Institute’s courses. Since day one I have been learning so many great things. There are some changes that have already occurred but none of these would have been possible if it weren’t for Warschaw Learning Institute. Thank you Cathy & Mary, it’s only been a month but what a change in our lives! ” ~ C. Leafe (2014 Graduate)