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Dental Insurance Claims

Dental Insurance Claims

Dental Insurance Claims

Swamp of Despair

Complete and utter frustration. Phone calls that leave your head spinning. Letters you don’t understand. An endless cycle of phone calls, faxes, letters, more phone calls, faxes, and letters. You know what we’re talking about already, don’t you? The morass known as the Swamp of Dental Insurance Despair.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad; but we know there are days when it’s close. Let’s face it. Dental insurance is a complex and irritating process. How do you handle it?

Some providers take the drastic step of refusing to accept dental insurance. Others demand that their patients handle all the annoying details themselves. In today’s competitive economy, very few people can afford to pay for their dental needs out of pocket. The dental providers who handle dental insurance smoothly and efficiently will stand out and truly be appreciated.

Are dental insurance policies ridiculously expensive and complex to navigate? Yes. Do you have a chance of changing them? Not really. We want to shift your focus from that huge process that you can’t affect to the things that you can affect. Watch for these articles as we cover topics ranging from those poor Customer Service people who never seem to have a clue to why a dental claim will get one denial one time you submit it and a different denial the next time you submit it. There are reasons why these things happen but we’re going to keep your attention squarely on the area that you have control over – your dental office.

Be on the watch in your dental practice for those things you can change. Listen and learn from other office’s tips and tricks that they use. Pay attention to the instructors at the Warschaw Learning Institute. They have the experience and training to help you take the proactive steps that will give you a better understanding of, and help you take control of, as much of the dental insurance process as you can. Don’t be a victim of the process. Take control and learn how to make the process work for you.

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