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Communication Course

We often forget effective communications is the foundation for success in everything we do, not only in our professional lives, but our personal lives as well. In addition, because today’s professionals hold positions of leadership which embody the essence of fundamental business principles that greatly impact the company’s bottom line, we felt it only appropriate to model this course in that direction.The Influential Communication Skills course is a 5-hour self-paced online course.Continuous support via our Forum will be provided to each of our students after the completion of the course at no additional fee.

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Course Objectives

    • Learn the necessary skills to improve communication with your co-workers, patients, and supervisors.
    • Learn important concepts and concrete techniques for enhancing communications in the workplace.
    • Understand how to apply these newly developed skills to a variety of real world situations and challenges.


Grading Policy
Overall assessment for this course is based on quizzes, exercises and the final test.

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Course Modules


Module 1: Using Your Voice: The Art of Assertive Communication
Learn how to be more self confident when communicating with others.


Module 2: Five Steps for Becoming an Active Listener
Before we can hear, first we must listen.


Module 3: Communication Mistakes that can keep you from getting ahead in the Workplace
Learn the common pitfalls to avoid which will foster not only professional growth but personal growth as well.


Module 4: Learn to Recognize Triangles
Learn the importance of “going to the source” with any concerns, and demonstrate the devastating affect gossip and sub-grouping can have on a team.


Module 5:  Ask the Right Questions
Learn how asking the right questions will greatly streamline the communication process, and result in win-win situations for everyone.


Module 6: Resolve Workplace Conflict

Learn proven strategies for turning every break-down into a break-through.


Module 7: Build a Better, Stronger Team

Demonstrations on how learning to communicate effectively not only empowers each individual, but also serves to strengthen and unite the entire team.


Module 8: Improve Communication with Your Boss
Learn exact techniques to enable you to confidently and constructively approach your employer with concerns and requests in a way that results in a positive outcome.


“This course provided a great deal of useful information, no doubt, it
has helped me to become a better communicator.” *
~ Shannon S. (2013 Graduate)